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Dacsa Group joins the Adecco Foundation’s project “Emergency for the employment of the most vulnerable”.

At Dacsa Group we are aware of the increase in the number of families at risk of exclusion due to the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

For this reason, we have joined the Emergency for the employment of the most vulnerable project promoted by the Adecco Foundation.

The aim of this initiative is to help those people who are suffering the most from the socio-economic effects of Covid-19, into unemployment.

To this end, people who work at Dacsa Group can request help in finding employment for a family member or close friend. Confidentially, they can fill in a form so that the Adecco Foundation can help them find work. Once they have registered, their situation and personal needs are analysed and an employment itinerary is defined with the aim of carrying out actions to increase their chances of accessing the labour market.

The programme, aimed at people at risk of social and labour exclusion, victims of gender violence, people with unshared family responsibilities or people over 45 years of age who are long-term unemployed, has already helped 1,193 families to escape from social exclusion thanks to employment.

At Dacsa Group we support this initiative by providing new financial resources to help boost the employment of those people who need it most.

We encourage our employees to help the most vulnerable people through this programme in order to achieve the goal of employment for all.