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Dacsa Group is committed to the digital revolution

Dacsa Group places digital transformation within the framework of its corporate strategy as an engine for competitiveness, growth, innovation, leadership and employment.

Dacsa Group’s digitalisation Project, launched under the name of DACSA 4.0, is far from only being focused on the automation of processes and technology. It also focuses on innovation to optimize management, production, distribution, commercialisation and the relationship with employees, customers and suppliers.

DACSA 4.0 includes several concepts such as standardisation, cybersecurity, communication, customers, human resources and industry 4.0. The uniqueness of this project is its integration with all areas of the company as all employees are going to work to carry out this program, driven by the IT department.

The objective of DACSA 4.0 is clear, to contribute value, from a technological point of view, to the company, allowing us to improve our competitiveness and support both the innovation and sustainable growth of the Group. A challenge for new and better ways of working as well as for new business opportunities.


The real challenge will be, once again, people, and how to lead the process of digital transformation within Dacsa Group. The change will involve adapting and working in new interconnected environments in the form of an intelligent headquarters.

DACSA 4.0 will allow Dacsa Group to remain at the forefront in the use of new technologies to digitise and optimise jobs and processes and will involve a planned investment program over the coming years.

At Dacsa Group we are aware that digitalisation is a challenge and we have to be ambitious because we strongly believe that there will be many opportunities that result from our investment.



Ignacio Juanes Ballester

IT Group Manager