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Dacsa Group is committed to investing in innovative projects with involvement in a total of 7 companies.

Dacsa Group continues to support startups and innovative companies in the sector. Subsequently, since 2017, when it included investment in other projects as part of its growth strategy, it has invested in 7 companies.

Dacsa Group’s entry into the different companies brings the group’s experience and financial capacity, while for the Group it means joining forces with projects in which it reinforces its philosophy of offering high-value solutions to the food sector.

The first involvement was in 2017 with the entry into Sinblat Alimentación Saludable, a company specialising in fresh bakery products and gluten-free flours. This input allowed Sinblat to open a new production plant in 2018, which has led to its growth and development at a logistical level.

In 2019, 3 companies joined the company. These were, Energy Feelings, specialising in the sale of superfoods, sports nutrition and organic, vegan and gluten-free foods. 

Cheeky P’s, based in Gateshead (UK), produces snacks based on flavoured baked chickpeas.

And finally, Vegadénia, a company dedicated to the production and sale of canned vegetable products, such as vegetable pâtés, lime bean hummus and jams.

In 2021, Dacsa Group´s presence was expanded with its entry into Plant on Demand, an e-commerce and management platform dedicated to saving time and improving the profitability of local producers and ecological cooperatives; Vegaffinity, a marketplace for vegan products through a subscription service and, finally, in Ciceraqua, the first Aquafaba factory in Spain, a company formed from the alliance with the investee company Vegadénia, to offer a vegetable alternative to egg white.

With all these investments in different projects, Dacsa Group continues its commitment to talent and support for innovative projects, especially those that offer solutions to the plant-based sector, thus strengthening its commitment to natural, healthy and environmentally friendly food.