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Dacsa Group hosts FEDACOVA Board of Directors meeting

On 4 May, FEDACOVA held its Board of Directors meeting in Valencia, specifically at the Dacsa Group facilities.

The Agri-Food Business Federation of the Valencian Community brings together the entire value chain of the agri-food sector, representing 30 associations which in turn bring together 2,200 companies, representing 72% of the Agri-Food Sector of the Valencian Community.

On this occasion, they chose the facilities of Dacsa Group to hold the meeting of its governing body, made up of representatives of different associated companies such as Vicky Foods, Agua Mineral San Benedetto and Grefusa, among others.

During the meeting they were able to follow up on the Federation’s budgets and treasury, welcome new members, as well as make progress in the organisation of the Federation’s next events, such as the General Assembly to be held in June and the 3rd FEDACOVA Awards Gala in November.

Prior to the meeting, attendees were able to enjoy a guided tour of the group’s facilities in Almàssera, as well as a welcoming FEDACOVA ceremony by Ricardo Císcar, Director of the rice area of Dacsa Group and member of the Board of Directors of FEDACOVA and Rafael Juan, CEO of Vicky Foods and President of FEDACOVA.