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Dacsa Group holds its traditional Christmas card competition among its employees’ families

At times like this, at Dacsa Group, we would like to congratulate everyone who has been with us throughout the year. A time to thank customers, suppliers and partners for having been there.

And, for the last few years, we have been choosing our Christmas greetings by means of a competition among the entries submitted by the families of the Group’s employees at all the plants.

Thanks to all those who took part in this new edition, for their participation and for the quality of the entries sent, as each year it becomes more complicated to choose the winners.

This year these are the postcards chosen:

1. Ainara Gil del Caño, 4 year old granddaughter of Amparo Vidal from Dacsa Valencia.
2. Darya Ostapenko, 7 year old, daughter of Vitalina Ostapenko from Dacsa Bunge Ukraine.
3. Vitalana Roliuk, 13 year old, daughter of Viktor Roliuk from Dacsa Bunge Ukraine.

Thanks to them, these will be the images with which we will send our Christmas greetings this year. And, as always, we are proud to have our people represent us and participate in a collaborative project like this.

Our goal with initiatives like these is that our teams are involved and understand the value they bring to us as a group.

So, thank you all for participating, congratulations to the winners and, above all, Happy Holidays to all of us who are part of the Dacsa family!