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Dacsa Group collaborates with Fundación La Caixa and its charity campaign “the Tree of Dreams”

With an aim of ensuring that children at risk of social exclusion receive their most desired present during the coming Christmas, CaixaBank has launched a charity campaign “the Tree of Dreams”. This action is a campaign that can count on the collaboration of Dacsa Group.

Over the last few weeks, children up to the age of 12 have written their letter with the present they would like to receive at Christmas and the collaborating companies will be responsible for making their dreams come true.

This is a campaign that has achieved the fulfillment of 100 000 wishes thanks to the collaboration of more than 600 companies every year.

In the case of Dacsa Group we will collaborate by fulfilling the dreams of 45 children through the delivery of presents at our Dacsa Sevilla, Dacsa Valencia and Moledum Ingredients centres.

In 2024, “the Tree of Dreams” will deliver more than 29.000 presents to kids in vulnerable situations thanks to the collaboration of 371 social entities, including their branches, linked to the fight against poverty and child vulnerability as well as with more than 400 companies.

And thanks to the more than 3000 offices that participate in this programme in around 1500 municipalities, CaixaBank has successfully brought “the Tree of Dreams” to all Spain.

The 2023 edition is the sixth for “the Tree of Dreams”, and the forecast of meeting the requests of a total of 29229 letters, projects that the record of beneficiaries numbers, in the history of the initiative, will be surpassed. Since the first edition in 2018 of “the Tree of Dreams”, CaixaBank has managed with this campaign, to help fulfill more than 140000 wishes of children at risk of poverty and social exclusion.