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Dacsa Group celebrates its traditional Christmas Padel tennis Championship

For another year, we have celebrated our traditional Padel Tennis Championship promoting sports as a social and healthy activity. The people who work at Dacsa spent a great day in which they played, competed and, above all, enjoyed.

paddel dacsa group

As in previous years, we wanted to recognise their efforts with some very special trophies and, for that reason, we ordered some personalized trophies from the Fet de Vidre organization.

Fet de Vidre was established in 2008 and all its workers are people with functional diversity. They make handmade products ranging from figures and trophies, as in this case, to stained glass windows. The work of Fet de Vidre, allows their workers to be fully integrated into the world of work and, for that reason, it is an honour for us to reward our craftsmen with their crafts.

Fet de Vidre has recognition from the Craft Center of the Valencian Goverment that certifies it as Valencian artisan work and they are also in charge of making the trophies for the Arroz Dacsa paellas league that is celebrated annually.