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Dacsa Group celebrates Blood Donor’s Day with a blood donation at its facilities in Valencia

Today, 14th June, we are celebrating Blood Donor’s Day, a commemoration to thank the people who voluntarily donate blood for their work and help. But it is also a day to make society aware of the need to donate regularly in order to guarantee the quality and availability of blood.

Every year, blood transfusions help to save thousands of lives, thanks to which many patients can live longer and with a better quality of life. They also facilitate medical and surgical interventions and are very useful in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

For this reason, at Dacsa Group we have joined in this commemoration of Donor’s Day to thank the people who voluntarily donate their blood to save lives and help others. And we do so by converting our facilities into a blood collection centre, so that the group’s employees can donate in their own workplace.

Bringing collection centres closer to the workplace facilitates participation and the collection of more blood, which is beneficial for everyone.

Currently, transfusion safety is guaranteed in our health system, but this is not the case in all countries around the world, so we must continue working to increase the number of donations every day and save more lives.

At Dacsa Group we are doing our bit with this initiative and facilitating access to our employees so that they can participate in this blood donation campaign. We now hope that many colleagues will participate by donating.

Thank you very much colleagues!