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Dacsa Group and the Club de Innovación de la Comunitat Valenciana

On November 26, Dacsa Group received the award for the best innovative organization at the III Innovation Awards organized by the Club de Innovación de la Comunitat Valenciana. Our executive director, Araceli Císcar, received the award for the innovation management report presented by Dacsa Group. The report describes the management of all areas of innovation from the registration of ideas to the launch plans. In addition, improvement and innovation projects in other areas such as IT, customer service and Human Resources were included.


The Innovation Awards aim to help participating companies and organizations take innovation as an essential element of their strategy and management, encouraging innovation to be approached according to structured models / systems, which help to improve competitiveness and serve as an instrument of prestige and recognition of the Innovation Club.


The awards ceremony was chaired by Francisco Mora, Rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, who was the president of the jury that selected the winners.