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Dacsa Group and Mommus Foods join forces to bring to the shelves an innovative range of Plant-Based cheeses and spreads.

Mommus Foods, the Alicante-based company that has received numerous awards for the excellence of its products and part of the science park of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche, has joined forces with Dacsa Group to bring its plant-based cheese products to supermarkets. This alliance is forged with two objectives: to make products economically accessible to the consumer and to distribute them in the main retail chains in the country.

Through the participation agreement, the Almàssera-based agri-food group and Mommus will work side by side on a project to develop and democratize Plant-Based products.

Mommus started in 2018 in a small workroom in Alicante with an initial investment of €15,000, with the conviction of its founder, Cristina Quinto, the soul of the company.

Cristina’s technological know-how was the driving force behind the development of a novel product based on cashew nuts, a delicious vegetable camembert made with the pampering of craftsmanship that defines the Alicante organization. And this was the starting point, little by little they were gaining points of sale, notably in specialized distribution.

Dacsa Group enters the capital to expand production capacity and provide support to reach distribution.

With this new agreement, Mommus will co-create with Dacsa alternatives to dairy products, in addition to providing support in the marketing of the current Mommus range.

Mommus range

The current Mommus range consists of various vegetable-based cheeses and spreadable cheeses. To highlight the jewel in the crown; “this is not a camembert cheese”, this product was a milestone for Mommus and has contributed to the exponential success of the company. It is joined by a range of “this is not a semi-cured cheese”, among which we can find the original semi-cured, the smoked, the truffle and mushroom, the spicy and finally the red pepper.

An excellent variety of tasty spreads complete the Mommus range, among the “this is not a cream cheese” we can find the dried tomato and garlic, the natural, the black garlic and the raspberry and cashew. Finally, we find “La Censurada”, as Mommus says “the vegan version of the famous red sausage that we are not allowed to call by its name”, it is a spreadable vegetable “sobrasada”.

Dacsa plant-based project

In 2014, Dacsa Group created the Food Solutions division to diversify its business beyond cereals (corn and rice) and in search of new sustainable and innovative foods to launch in the market.

With this premise, the company has developed a wide range of plant-based products in response to the growing interest of the national and international market for 100% plant-based foods.

With R&D&I as its ‘compass’ – an investment of around 13 million euros since the foundation of this new business area – Dacsa Food Solutions has developed new products of plant origin, which allow it to adapt to the new changes in consumer habits. A wide range of vegan products that extends along the entire supply chain: from ready-to-eat products to alternatives to meat, fish and egg. With this new agreement, Mommus will co-create with Dacsa alternatives to dairy, in addition to supporting the marketing of the current Mommus range.