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Dacsa Group and ESIC close the I edition of the training programme “Creating the Future”

The closing ceremony of the first edition of the training programme “Creating the future in Dacsa Group” took place last week. A 10-month programme organised by the ESIC Business School.

“Creating the future” seeks to develop the talent of the 19 people who participate, through reflection and projection content to increase their leadership and that of the teams, while gaining a multidisciplinary and global vision of the strategic skills and areas of an international company such as Dacsa Group.

A programme that allows them to grow professionally within the company, of which they are the future, while also contributing to its growth.

During the closing ceremony, the attendees were able to enjoy two presentations. Under the title “What now?”, the first one gave an overview of the macroeconomic situation in Spain and the working environment.

And with “How to see opportunities where others don’t” they were able to talk about resilience, flexibility, transparency and intuition as drivers to detect needs in such a changing environment.

The event was attended by Araceli Císcar, Executive Director of Dacsa Group, Santiago Martín, General Manager of Dacsa, África Valldecabres, Director of People and Agustín Carrilero, Director of the ESIC Campus in Valencia and his team coordinating the programme.

“Creating the future” is Dacsa Group’s commitment to people in the conviction that their personal and professional growth guarantees future leaders for the project, trained in the company’s values.