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Dacsa Campus

DACSA CAMPUS is the learning space for everyone at Dacsa Group. A place to learn educational content throughout the employee’s life cycle.

It is a project linked to training, included in the People Strategic Plan, PULSE. And today it is already a reality. Another example of Dacsa’s DNA: it is our focus on the growth of our employees, in digital format.

DACSA CAMPUS covers all the training content that a person in our company could wish to have, localised and updated. Furthermore, DACSA CAMPUS is the company’s internal training platform, but with the ambition of being a collaborative space where you can learn, teach and share knowledge: from onboarding, which starts before the join of new colleagues, to the most demanding functional specialisation in other cases.

We will make DACSA CAMPUS a source of resources and inspiration, among all and for all, for all sites and from all sites. In all languages.

A platform that our partner Gestionet has helped to customize and prepare so that the user experience is perfect, easy and accessible because it is made for everyone in the group.

Thank you for the warm welcome to DACSA CAMPUS.