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Dacsa and Bunge to Break Ground on New Corn Mill in Ukraine

From Dacsa Group, a leading miller company in Europe, and Bunge Limited a leading global agribusiness and food company, are glad to announce that our joint venture, Dacsa Bunge Ukraine, will break ground on a new corn milling and origination facility in Ukraine by the end of 2018.
dacsa bunge unkraine

The new mill, expected to be operational by the end of 2019, will be able to process 100,000 tonnes of corn annually for dry milled ingredients such as corn grits and flours. Bunge will originate corn for the joint venture, and approximately 80% of the mill’s output is expected to be sold for export. The mill will also supply brewery grits to large international brewers with Ukrainian presence.

About Dacsa Group

Dacsa Group ( is a Food Ingredients industrial group across three business areas: Rice Milling, Corn Milling and Food Solutions. With nine production plants in six different locations across Europe and more than 500 employees, Dacsa Group is the leading corn milling company in Europe and it is a recognised rice producer in Spain and Portugal.

About Bunge Limited

Bunge Limited ( is a leading global agribusiness and food company operating in over 40 countries with approximately 32,000 employees. Bunge buys, sells, stores and transports oilseeds and grains to serve customers worldwide; processes oilseeds to make protein meal for animal feed; produces edible oil products for consumers and commercial customers in the food processing, industrial and artisanal bakery, confectionery, human nutrition and food service categories; produces sugar and ethanol from sugarcane; mills wheat, corn and rice to make ingredients used by food companies; and sells fertilizer in South America. Founded in 1818, the company is headquartered in White Plains, New York.