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Chopped corn for the production of cereals for breakfast

The use of chopped corn to produce cereals for breakfast dates back to the origins of cereal consumption in the first intake of the day, back in the decade of the 60’s of the nineteenth century.

From those pioneer cereals until reaching those that can be found today in the shelves of any supermarket, it is produced a succession of industrial changes that have improved and enriched the final product, contributing to its global expansion for the breakfast bowls of all the world.

In Spain, the Dacsa Group stands out nationally and internationally, in the development of ingredients counting with three business areas: rice milling, varied food solutions and corn milling, which interest us specially to refer to chopped corn to produce cereals for breakfast.

Chopped corn is a product obtained from the semi-wet degermination of corn, made of coarse endosperm fragments, without addition of coloring agents or preservatives. High quality serrated corn of flint type and coming from an Identity Preserved system. High quality, gluten-free and 100% natural corn, perfect for chopped corn destined to the production of cereals for breakfast, for the majority the most important meal of the day.

Chopped corn for the production of cereals for breakfast 2

This is clear from the published conclusions, for example, in News Medical Life Sciences about multiple studies that conclude that “those who omit breakfast have a higher risk of suffering problems in the sleeping cycle or from cardiac abnormalities, type 2 diabetes or obesity”. In this case, in Spain and from the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition, AESAN, it is recommended from programs such as Perseo, the habit of a nutrient-rich breakfast as the ones that include chopped corn for the production of cereals for breakfast which help to provide between the 20 and 25% of the daily energetic intake with high nutritional quality.

In order to become cereals for breakfast, corn goes a long way that starts in the selection of the best raw material in origin and its later processing. The objective is to offer chopped corn to the industry to produce cereals for breakfast in diverse forms, sizes and composition, which optimizes the final result of the product.

When the selected chopped corn in origin to produce cereals for breakfast reaches its last phase, the consumer comes across high nutritional value food perfect to break with the overnight fasting and to face a new day.

Because cereals for breakfast elaborated from chopped corn are presented to consumers as a high nutritional value food.
Consistent and energetic food that provides the vigor and power that muscles need in the form of slow-absorbing carbohydrates, named as such because they take more time to dissolve.
In addition, cereals for breakfast from chopped corn do not neglect an interesting contribution of fiber and offer a low-fat intake.

On the other hand, in a commercial context that aspires to meet all the expectations from the consumers, food elaborated with chopped corn to produce cereals for breakfast offer a wide range of possibilities that include, among others, presentations with or without added sugars or different formats destined to satisfy the more demanding consumers.