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Benefits of Corn for animal feeding

Processed animal feed almost always has corn as one of its main ingredients. The energy contribution involved, as well as its content level (60-80%) and the low variability of its chemical composition,  makes it one of the preferred ingredients for animal food producers.

At Dacsa Group we work with flint corn, selecting the best seeds of this variety, which ensures us of a higher fat and protein content. In addition, corn is a great source of vitamin A and xanthophylls. All the corn we work with at Dacsa Group, for human and animal feed, is certified as NON GMO.

The high level of control over the origin of the corn that we source at Dacsa Group allows us to verify its traceability from sowing to transport, milling and packaging.

corn animal feedGenerally it is part of the covering of the corn that is used for animal feed and it is these parts that are loaded with soluble and insoluble nutrients and fiber. These fibers help reduce cholesterol levels and also improve the digestive health of animals.
When this corn is formulated and mixed with other food ingredients and supplements, the benefits of using corn in animal feed multiply, with results such as an increase in egg production in poultry. For other animals, it improves meat quality and additionally helps in milk production for cows and sheep.

At Dacsa Group we have been working on animal feed with corn for many years and we have a wide range of ingredients derived from this product available to our customers.