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A team made from leaders. The leadership model of Dacsa Group

The Leadership Model of any company defines the essence of what is considered a leader in that company. Their values, their reason for being, their goals, culture and competences.

The Dacsa Group Leadership Model is defined by the active participation of 34 people from all the company’s plants, including the company’s Directors. Defining what we consider to be a leader in our company, has been a humble exercise that speaks, not of what we are, but about what we can become.

Thanks to this exercise, we have discovered the DNA of the Dacsa Group Leadership.

This model of leadership is communicated and shared with all the people who work in the company and with all those who are related to it.

Internally, having this model commits us in two ways. In the first place, because all the people know what is and what is not the leadership in Dacsa; Secondly, because now we all expect from others a style of behavior in the relationship with their peers. All people can grow and develop their leadership potential in Dacsa, because it is essential for professional promotion.

Is important to communicate and make it accessible to everyone in Dacsa Group. But the ambition of the project is that people adopt it as a guide for their personal and professional growth. Our Leadership Model development program offers, for those who want it, the tools and guidelines for their growth as a leader.

Modelo Liderazgo

All companies that grow, like Dacsa Group, continuously reorganize their projects and strategies to achieve their medium and long-term goals. Amongst the changes, functional structures are reorganized in the form of project teams and departments. These teams are led by people with great training and specialization, but all of them also direct people, which is the essence of Dacsa Group.

Dacsa Group has shared an essential premise with its managers: their leadership style must manifest an absolute dedication to develop their teams, as an essential strategy of sustainable success, constant transformation and growth.
This great model of leadership is included in the PULSE program, which is our Strategic Program for the People’s Corporate area.

We share the prologue below:

“Everything we achieve throughout our lives is the result of our effort, of the passion we put into challenges and, above all, of the contribution of those who accompany us along the way.

At Dacsa Group we are surrounded by people who can facilitate our development, offer us a more complete vision of ourselves and help us achieve our goals. They are people with whom we learn both the successes and the mistakes.

They are people with leadership. That is why they leave a mark on us not so much from their discourse, but because of the coherence of their behavior and by their example.

If you are reading this prologue, it is because you are one of those people who can leave a mark on others. Now you are embarking on the exercise of developing your leadership in a conscious, responsible and shared way.

Leadership is not given by the name of your position, how many things you know, or how many people you are in charge of. Leadership is identified in you by the people around you because of the way you relate to them and because you manage to bring out the best in them.

Under this premise, and after a shared reflection, we have identified the pillars of Dacsa Group’s leadership, its DNA.

If you want to discover the Dacsa Leadership Model, you will find the key to becoming your best version as a leader.

But to develop it, you will have to promote much more effective leadership.

You will adopt a generous attitude with others, you will make those you work with grow. You will foster a climate of trust through a style of sincere and fluid communication. In addition you will  accept the challenge of contributing to our society by promoting the Dacsa culture, based on the values ​​of commitment, integrity, efficiency and orientation to our clients.

It is a challenge for you and for everyone, because any personal transformation always requires determination, but the change is rewarding. Also, on the way there are people who will appreciate your effort and on which you will leave a mark.

Lead your own personal evolution towards the Dacsa Leadership Model. “