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Dacsa Group unveils its activities at an open day at the University of Seville

 On May 10th, Dacsa Group was present at the open day of the School of Agricultural Engineering (ETSIA) at the University of Seville.

The day was a meeting point between companies and institutions of the agri-food sector and the students and research staff of the school. Thanks to this, the companies have made their work known and shared their experiences with the students and researchers.

Dacsa’s collaboration with the university community is a constant feature of the group’s initiatives, thanks to this, the group’s activity is made known as a professional opportunity for the students finish their studies or as a centre for developing research activity.

For Dacsa Group it is a great opportunity to discover new talent to add to the group and activities such as this open day are the perfect setting for this.

For this reason, the promotion of collaboration with training and university entities in general and in the agricultural field in particular is a constant at Dacsa. Participating in this type of forum gives Dacsa Group the opportunity to present first-hand the special features of the group’s business model and corporate culture.