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18th October: Nature Protection Day

Today it is celebrated the Nature Protection Day. This day is directly related to our priority SDG “Climate Action” and that is placed at the center of Dacsa’s operations not only in our production processes, but also in the entire supply chain of our activity. This determination is absolutely necessary and that is why we monitor each of the links in our chain, supporting those stages that may have a greater impact on the environment. Proof of this is the creation of our new Agricultural Sustainability Management System, the “Dacsa Sustainable Crop”, with which we promote our Code of Good Agricultural Practices.

We must actively work to raise awareness and take action, not only to have less impact on nature, but to do it in a positive way; ultimately, to take care of the place we love and where we live: Our Planet.

We share the video of the activity we held in June this year, where we conducted a cleanup of accumulated waste in the Saler Beach in collaboration with the NGO Xaloc.