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10 years of Corporate Social Responsibility reporting at Dacsa Group

The 2020 report is the 10th publication of the Dacsa Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility report. Ten years in which progress has been made in achieving great successes focused on the 4 pillars that support the company’s vision of social responsibility: ethics, people, the environment and society. Furthermore, sustainability has been integrated as another aspect within the corporate culture.

2020, a year marked by social and economic crisis

2020 has undoubtedly been a year marked by the global crisis as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, during which the Dacsa Group has worked on two main objectives:

  • Guaranteeing the health and safety of employees.
  • Maintaining the production and distribution of essential products for society.

Commitment to innovation

In addition to these basic and fundamental aspects in a context such as the current one, the Group has continued to be committed to sustainability and innovation as the way to understand the business commitment to social development and environmental protection.

Thus, in 2020, we have continued to work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and to comply with the United Nations Global Compact and the 10 principles it promotes.

Governance based on CSR

To achieve this, the Dacsa Group has continued its commitment to a governance model based on ethics and social and environmental commitment, thus promoting a culture of respect for human and labour rights.

To this end, the Humane programme ensures that the Corporate Social Responsibility policy is present in all the Group’s activities.

In addition, the development of a code of ethics ensures a working environment that respects the fundamental principles on which it is based.

Thanks to these efforts and initiatives in ethical and responsible management, Dacsa Group has been awarded the EcoVadis Silver medal, which recognises the company’s work in: environment, labour practices and human rights, ethics and sustainable purchasing.

More sustainable business

In 2020, we also worked to promote a more sustainable business that contributes value to society and protects the planet. As an example of this, the carbon footprint has been reduced by 20% thanks to a commitment to renewable energies and the purchase of renewable electricity with a Guarantee of Origin (Gd0). This is in addition to using 90% mono-material packaging and having recovered more than 85% of waste at work centres and production plants.

Our people

The health and protection of the people who make up the Dacsa Group has been a priority in a year such as this, with the implementation of initiatives against Covid-19. But actions have also been promoted to reward the effort to maintain production and cover the basic needs of the population. For example, the Coronabonus, an economic compensation of 250 euros per month to all employees who worked during the confinement, or the delivery of daily lunch and dinner menus to long-distance lorry drivers.

In this way, the Dacsa Group’s CSR report provides a detailed account of the many initiatives carried out by the group in 2020 and focuses on its 4 fundamental pillars: ethics, people, the environment and society.

A year in which we have continued to work towards a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable future, which is reflected in this report.

You can consult the full report here: 👇👇👇

Corporate Social Responsibility 2020